Wendy has blended her skills as a Certified NLP Practitioner, Matrix Energetics Practitioner and a Divine Openings Giver to create her own unique facilitation for Personal Transformation & Healing which she offers her clients

Fashion & Art

Wendy was a Fashion Designer for 11 years. Four of those years were spent in her own business. She featured on local television and had many of her designs published in local magazines. She went on to designing bespoke Jewellery for private clients for the next 10 years.

Wendy then discovered that she had a talent for doing portraits in charcoal and very soon had her website ‘Portraits for the Soul’ up and running. Over the next few years she received commissions both locally and internationally. Working from photographs, Wendy mainly did portraits of people who had passed over. These facilitated healing processes by connecting people to the flip side of their grief, allowing joy to flow again.

Birth of The Space In Between

Wendy concurrently began facilitating workshops for Lifestyle Change. It was at this time that ‘The Space In Between’ was born.

Wendy’s passion for Metaphysics and her belief in the connection between all things, led her to become certified as an NLP Practitioner in 2005.

In 2007 a doctor friend sent Wendy the link for Matrix Energetics. Attending her first seminar she fell in love with this fun, powerful tool for Energy Healing and became a certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner in 2008. Soon thereafter she was authorised by Matrix Energetics USA to facilitate a Study Group in South Africa. She has also facilitated at Seminars in the USA & Europe.

Ongoing Learning

Since then, Wendy has continued to attend Workshops and retreats both locally and abroad with people like Gregg Braden, Rupert Sheldrake, Lola Jones, Dr Richard Bartlett, Melissa-Joy Johnsson, Anna Breytenbach, Matt Kahn and has also spent two weeks at the Casa Dom Inacio in Brazil with John of God.

Having blended her various skills, Wendy has created her own unique Holographic Healing approach to facilitate Personal Transformation & Energy Healing Sessions for her clients in The Space In Between.
Wendy has always had a natural gift to inspire and motivate others to reach their true potential this is evident in the feedback she continuously receives from clients.

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