Matrix Energetics is a powerful consciousness technology combining science, subtle energy & quantum physics so as to to facilitate change in all life areas.

Matrix Energetics: Your Pathway to Transformation

Matrix Energetics is a powerful consciousness technology that combines science, subtle energy and physics to facilitate change in all areas of life. This complete system of healing and transformation is based on focused intent to create quick, often dramatic, observable changes.

We communicate at the quantum level with the wave fronts (energy and information) that create all of reality; something we all naturally do. By participating in this ‘field’ of awareness, we remember how to open the doorway for Magic and Miracles to occur in our lives.

It can be used to heal, transform and create new possibilities, sometimes instantly. It restores natural balance, harmony and inner peace.

Create dramatic breakthroughs and healing with the guidance of a qualified Matrix Energetics Practitioner.

A Physicist's View

Medical science is now confirming this new Consciousness Technology (see the DVD ‘The Living Matrix’). Physicist William A. Tiller Professor emeritus at Stanford University wrote this forword in Dr Bartlett’s ground breaking book Matrix Energetics: The Science and Art of Transformation:

"...What appears to be pure magic in Dr. Bartlett’s healing treatments is, in fact, a rational manipulation of energies and information in a lawful fashion based upon his theoretical construct of reality, which is appreciably ‘outside the box’ of our present paradigm. ...As a species, we are cognitively moving away from space-time awareness only and into frequency domain awareness."

Wendy Leppard is a Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner - she can create (sometimes instantaneous!) breakthroughs in your life!

Wendy's Unique Gift to You

Wendy offers a unique blend of her extensive background in Inspiration, NLP, Matrix Energetics and Divine Openings Giver along with her interests in Metaphysics, Mindfulness and other healing modalities. Wendy's approach is intuitive: accessing patterns of light and noticing where the change occurs in the moment.

Wendy has the ability to inspire, motivate and guide clients to connect with their Core Essence, find their gifts and embrace life in a new, joyful way. Note: Matrix Energetics isn't used as a substitute for medical care, or for diagnosing any condition. It may complement medical treatment and enhance the process, or for general well being.

Healing Energy Work is Wendy's passion and skill and her clients are effusive about the impact the energy healing sessions have on them.

Your Energy Session

Each Energy Session is a completely new experience for the client and the therapist and are effective on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. Matrix Energetics continues interacting long after the session has ended; maybe for days or even months afterward.

Holographic Healing is a fast and immensely powerful way to access Personal Transformation. People’s ability to transform and shift their perception of reality is awesome!

Enjoy Wendy's session 1:1 in person, or via Skype or Phone; she also offers group sessions and a bi-monthly guided meditation group.

"Wendy’s energy is incredible. I have had amazing results from immediately after my first session. I have noticed a complete change in my posture and my body feels aligned. Things in my life have smoothed out in all areas, besides connecting with incredible peace and love within myself, I have seen the effects on my family without doing anything. It seems since my awareness has changed, everything around me is changing and my life has become a joy now. It allows me to manifest things which I just think of, with such an ease. Wendy’s energy has helped me to feel my energy much stronger. She has taught me some easy tools to keep myself grounded and my awareness tuned in to Love. " - Aldona