Wendy Leppard ensures clients' information is kept secure and never shared with third parties.  Trust her with your Data & your Healing!

Privacy Policy - Safeguarding your Info

The Space In Between Privacy Policy Feb 2019 (GDPR Compliant).

This represents the privacy notice for Wendy Leppard and The Space In Between. We outline how we collect, store and use your personal information as well as your rights relating to your personal information. Your privacy is extremely important to us. We will not share your information with any third parties. We will respect your privacy and personal info.

We may collect info about you because:

  • You contacted us for a quote / more info
  • You've been a client
  • You requested to be informed of any upcoming events
  • You follow our Social Media pages and/or subscribed to our newsletter or blog
  • You've previously requested that we stay connected.

In light of the above, you are consenting to us storing and using the personal data you have provided us with. If you do not want us to have access to your personal info to be able to help you, please don't provide us with any.

Information we may collect:

We may ask for info classed as personally identifiable to you as an individual:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your contact telephone number/s
  • Your bank (if you've sent us a payment advice), or your credit card details, if you are paying for sessions that way.

These are the ways in which we might use your information:

  • Provide you with info or a quote
  • Load your appointment/s on our system
  • Process your payments once you've instructed us to
  • Send you a Client Satisfaction Survey or request to review us
  • Send any newsletters to you.


We treat all info you've provided us with as strictly confidential. We do not sell any personal data to third parties and we'll never share any personal info about you to anyone not directly linked with the management and marketing of The Space In between, without your permission.

Protection of your information:

We protect your info via administrative measures; electronic cyber security systems and physical measures on our premises to ensure the safe-keeping of all personal info.

Your rights:

If you have already consented to us using and holding your personal information, you are within your rights to withdraw this consent at any time. You are able to unsubscribe from our communications at any time by using the appropriate measure, e.g. by replying with the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the heading or by UNSUBSCRIBING via the newsletter software that we use, or by e-mailing Wendy to request removal. We will respond by deleting all information we have about you from our system (unless we are required by law to retain any) and you will not receive any further communications; we don't contact anyone who does not wish to be contacted.

"I’m truly grateful that my path led me to Wendy. Wendy’s radiance, her warmth, her gentle Presence unlocks my awesome, yummy being-ness. I jealously guard my time with her as it is a precious gift to myself. It is my me-time, which is my freedom. I am learning to be more Present to my life, believing in myself more, and I am more bold these days. Claiming my worth and power is becoming more effortless. I love the space I am in. Thank you Wendy. Thank you for being you. With gratitude." - Alicia