Wendy Leppard is a highly qualified energy healing practitioner who studied with some of the leading energy gurus in the world. Let her help you now!

Energy Healing: Choose Feeling Good!

The Space In Between offers Energy Healing: Biofield Tuning, Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls, Matrix Energetics, NLP, Personal Transformation and Holographic Healing, Return to Love. Wendy Leppard creates a coherent space empowering you to access your natural state of Being.

Choose how you'd love to experience your reality by accessing the powerful tools that we all naturally have and allowing personal transformation, healing and other changes to occur with ease and elegance.

Wendy facilitates the sessions in a way that activates your natural inherent healing ability, which occurs beyond the conscious mind and therein lies continuing and lasting transformation. The sessions are free from any doctrine or belief systems and are open to All.


Matrix Energetics is a consciousness technology, using subtle energy and lifting the ceiling to everything and nothing. It encompasses a new state of Being, a new way of experiencing the world we live in, and a more expansive way of accessing new possibilities – a consciousness shift that may encompass additional Tools to help you maintain the connection.


Biofield Tuning is a powerful, yet gentle, holistic modality that uses tuning forks to recalibrate our body's vibrational rhythms into their natural harmony. By treating vibration with vibration, we re-tune our "inner music" and "home note" into pure resonance with the unique symphony within us. It also relaxes the nervous system, alleviating many symptoms.


Wendy uses Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls to create powerful resonances that harmonise and balance the Crystalline Nature of our bodies. Each body has a unique measurable frequency. When we immerse ourselves in sacred, sonic landscapes, we reconnect with our inner knowing and bliss. This modality heals through sound alchemy, seen as the NOW medicine.

"Wendy is exceptionally generous, kind and knowledgeable. Her sessions are a symphony of energy work, sound and magic. The utilisation of the various elements and tools took me beyond the room and changed both my inner and outer being. If you're looking for a truly transformative experience, I'd highly recommend visiting the Space In Between" - Milan

"Very rarely do I find myself left without words when trying to describe an experience due to its grandeur and larger than life experience. Going to Wendy Leppard is nothing short of miraculous. I arrived in her space that was not only tasteful and immaculate but also so conscious and magically harmonious. The session’s direction takes shape instantly and healing begins. There is no need to intellectualize it nor understand it. However, I leave each session more empowered and free from the inner clutter, duality and judgment and replaced it with compassion, inner freedom and love for self which I lacked for as long as I can remember. I highly recommend Wendy Leppard to be a partner in your journey and growth, both as a remarkable facilitator for transformation as well as the methodology used." - Sophie Licht