Feeling Good Is Now An Option

The Space In Between is about Energy Healing, Matrix Healing, Personal Transformation, Holographic Healing, Quantum Healing and the Return to Love Within.

Re-write Your Story

Choose how you would like to experience your reality through Personal Transformation and Healing by using the powerful tools that we all naturally have and allowing the changes to occur with ease and elegance.

Access & Experience

Fully access and experience lasting Joy, Inner Peace, Personal Transformation and opening up to Expanded Awareness Within. Wendy will guide you to maintain that connection, using the tools she shares.

Personally Guided

The Healing Sessions Wendy facilitates are not based on any doctrine or belief system and are therefore, not in conflict with any religion or belief.

What People Say

The word Thank you seems not enough to express my gratitude. I have had a number of significant changes,I can now move my right shoulder for the first time in a long time & I am eternally grateful to you for that. I was preparing for surgery on that shoulder & now I won’t be having any. I felt this rush of gratitude & I just feel lighter,I can’t explain it in words it’s as if I am seeing my surroundings for the first time but in High Definition. Thank you,thank you,thank you Wendy. Rebecca

Very rarely do I find myself left without words when trying to describe an experience due to its grandeur and larger than life experience. Going to Wendy Leppard is nothing short of miraculous. I arrived in her space that was not only tasteful and immaculate but also so conscious and magically harmonious. The session’s direction takes shape instantly and healing begins. There is no need to intellectualize it nor understand it. However, I leave each session more empowered and free from the inner clutter, duality and judgment and replaced it with compassion, inner freedom and love for self which I lacked for as long as I can remember. I highly recommend Wendy Leppard to be a partner in your journey and growth, both as a remarkable facilitator for transformation as well as the methodology used. Sophie Licht

I’m truly grateful that my path led me to Wendy. Wendy’s radiance, her warmth, her gentle Presence unlocks my awesome, yummy being-ness. I jealously guard my time with her as it is a precious gift to myself. It is my me-time, which is my freedom. I am learning to be more Present to my life, believing in myself more, and I am more bold these days. Claiming my worth and power is becoming more effortless. I love the space I am in. Thank you Wendy. Thank you for being you. With gratitude. Alicia

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Sessions can be in person, on Skype, or telephone.


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Book your Matrix Session
Sessions can be in person, on Skype, or telephone.

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