Wendy from The Space In Between can facilitate magical changes in all life areas - conenct with her NOW!

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Simply do it... Reach out to Wendy now to and experience the transformative possibilities. Free your heart and open your mind.

Sessions are possible in person (1:1 or in group sessions) or remotely (via Skype or Whatsap call). In-person sessions take place at:
   Craighall Park
   South Africa

Tel: +27 (0)82 4555 067

E-mail: wendy @ thespaceinbetween .co .za

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If you'd like to get to know Wendy better, join our monthly Group Sessions (Meditation, Biofield Tuning, Vocal Toning).

The Magic Bed in the treatment room of The Space In Between
Wendy Leppard and her magical space of loving healing awaits you!
Experience the profound love and magical healing that Wendy can help you connect with IN YOURSELF - call her now.

Note: Energy Healing isn't used as a substitute for medical care, or for diagnosing any condition. It may complement medical treatment and enhance the process, or be used for general well being.

"Finding Nemo. Why is my one fin smaller than the other? Why am I so different from others? How did I inherit my parents' fear that I have been consciously repelling throughout my up-bringing, yet I see myself reflecting? Swimming accross the vast ocean I was fortunate enough to find Magical Wendy. Simple love and brain-heart coherence dissolves fear into adventure and fun - yum, yum, yum - my heart filled with love after my sessions with Wendy, she showered me with unconditionally love, techniques and reminders. Finding Nemo... finding God within myself and others." - Betzi Yang