Biofield Tuning is a powerful healing modality that uses the frequency of sound to tap into your body's own electromagnetic field of solutions and healing.

Biofield Tuning: Sound Therapy

Biofield Tuning (also known as Sound Balancing) is a non-intrusive and ancient healing medium that uses sound energy to transform the electromagnetic energy of the human body to effect a deep healing. A record of our life experiences can be located and tracked in our biofield by using a tuning fork and combing through the energy field. This information show up as static or “noise” in the signal. As the tuning forks engage with the information, feedback is noted by the practitioner through the change in tone of the fork. This is then neutralised using the tuning fork, resulting in a relaxed nervous system.

This healing modality alleviates many health issues including pain, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, emotional overwhelm, digestive issues, adrenal fatigue and much more. It helps to reset the body's innate ability to naturally heal itself.

While new in the Western World, sound healing effecting the chi and chakras, have been in use for thousands of years in ancient cultures.

How it Works

The human body's biofield, which refers to the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds and permeates our bodies, is inextricably linked with our conscious and subconscious. Physical, emotional and mental patterns can be perceived in our energy fields.

Most of our clients are already aware of the body’s energy anatomy represented by the energy centers, which physically correspond to nerve clusters or plexuses.

Biofield Tuning can transform dissonance in the body's bioplasma, and thereby alleviate old patterns.

Wendy Leppard is a Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner - her clients experience almost magical breakthroughs and a sense of lightness and balance after sessions.

Sound & the Biofield

The term "biofield" was coined by scientists at the NIH in 1994, to describe the energy field (or "chi" or "aura") surrounding and interpenetrating the human body: the measurable electromagnetic energy and the subtle energy.

Our bodies are magical sound antennae: our skin, bones and water conduct sound waves; indeed, every cell membrane has external antennae called Primary Cilium, which vibrate like little tuning forks in response to the vibrational input from our environments.

Sound or music is used to energise or relax one.

Wendy does all her Healing Energy Work with love.  She is passionate about Biofield Tuning because it has created some breakthroughs for her clients, who often see results immediately.

Session Dynamics

Clients are fully clothed for the session while the practitioner uses the tuning forks to track information in the biofield around the body. The session is relaxing and non-invasive.

Practitioners can track the source and nature of unhelpful patterns in the field using the steady coherent vibrational frequency of the activated tuning fork to help dissolve any dissonance. The coherent sound waves allow the body to connect with its original healthy blueprint.

Clients experience the restoration of balance, lightness and joy.

"I was overwhelmed with your love and sincerity. I want to thank you for helping to remind me of how easy it actually is to change ones attitude towards anything in one’s life. During the session I felt my protective walls dropping away, I felt physical changes happening and I felt rejuvenated and relaxed when I left you. The best part is that you have given me a long term gift; miracles are happening all around me. I am so grateful to have met you." - Garth, CEO