Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls is a sound healing modality that is gentle, relaxing and deeply powerful for healing on all levels.


Sound healer, Wendy Leppard, uses Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls to create relaxing crystal sounds that heal through sound alchemy.

"There will come a time when a diseased condition will not be described as it is today by physicians and psychologists but it will be spoken of in musical terms, as one would speak of a piano that was out of tune." – Rudolph Steiner.

Sound is regarded as the NOW medicine. Crystal is both an amplifier and receiver. Through the sound, vibration, frequency, and energy of the Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls, we awaken the alchemy of our bodies' inherent crystalline structures to balance and heal.

Our bodies are an orchestra, where every organ, bone and system has its own measurable frequency - its 'home note'. For an orchestra to play harmonic music, every instrument needs to be tuned. When we immerse ourselves in these sacred, sonic landscapes, we tune our systems.

The Crystal Alchemy Singing bowls work on a magical, quantum level, attuning with the person or group of people I'm engaging with. The bowls sound different every time I play them and the resonant sounds are exquisite, offering benefits which include:

  • Raising levels of Dopamine, building more Lucozides in our blood, lowering Cortisol in the system.
  • The sound baths help with sleep, they are known to ease depression and illicit joy, peace and deep inner healing.
  • The bowls are also used for meditation and in health and wellness.
  • The Crystal Alchemy Singing bowls elevate our Natural Presence beyond titles and stories, by taking us into the quantum realm.
  • Sound healing expands our awareness into more of who we truly are and into expressing our divine essence, by connecting with infinity within.

The Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls are made from the highest quality quartz from North Carolina. The bowls are produced on a one of a kind custom built machine that utilizes a proprietary fusion technology making each bowl unique. They are infused with different gemstones, precious metals, minerals and earth substances during the process.

Enjoy Wendy's Sound Healing session 1:1 or in person, or via Zoom or WhatsApp call; she also offers group Sound Baths with guided meditation.

Wendy plays her Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls in the bush to lead a powerful meditation.

Alchemy In Between

We're unique vibratory Beings, each with our own 'home note', our individual 'heart song' that makes up the Collective orchestra. We live in a vibrational Universe and everything is sound.

Heal with singing bowls that 'tune' your organs, your emotions and your spirit.

Built-in Tuner

Our voice is our main tuning instrument. We can use our voices daily to hum, chant, sing, make up our own happy songs. We need sound to balance, align and transform for peace on Earth.

Sound healing by sound healer Wendy Leppard can be experienced in her studio, in nature by arrangement or even via distance session.

Sound Design

The Human Body is designed to be sensitive to sound. Hearing develops around 18 weeks in utero, one of the earliest senses to develop. Babies respond to mum's voice in utero and at birth.

"Thank you Wendy, so happy to get my weekly fix of you and the bowls!" - Claire Steuart